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 Character Creation Rules

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Lady N
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PostSubject: Character Creation Rules   Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:21 pm

Hello friends!

If you want to join the RP, feel free to post a character sheet here! Everyone will look at it and decide together if it is acceptable. Don't worry, we're not elitists. As soon as you are accepted I will lock the the topic and leave it here. Have fun!

Here's a list of things that should be included in your sheet:


Note that "background story" is not included here. It is not something that belongs here since you cannot see that on first sight. The "Aim in Life" is just there to get a general impression of your character (a breeder behaves differently than a world traveler).

Looks (can be a description or a picture, I will make a proper sprite out of it):
Aim in Life:


Every trainer starts with three Pokemon at his side. This will expand as we go, don't worry! No levels here; your Pokemon will have an estimate level and know all attacks that it would have learned in the game up to that point. Also, no evolved Pokemon or Legendaries.

Characteristic (check [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]):
Distinctive features:
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Character Creation Rules
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