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 Character Creation Sheet and Rules

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Character Creation Sheet and Rules Empty
PostSubject: Character Creation Sheet and Rules   Character Creation Sheet and Rules Icon_minitimeTue Aug 21, 2012 9:36 am

Here's the character sheet to fill in. Try to be as detailed as possible! If you want to do me a favour, make the titles fat so that I don't have to do that afterwards :3 If you have any questions feel free to write me a PN.


Name: Keep the naming conventions for your race in mind! I'll be watching this closely.
Nickname(s): This is optional. No titles please, these need to be earned.
Gender: Just as clarification, there's males and females in every rcae. No restrictions.
Race: There's seven to choose from. Please, PLEASE look at which race is taken how often. I'll make a list once the rp starts. Be flexible, I don't want everything flooded by a single race, that takes a lot of fun away from the RP. Every race is awesome and I'm sure you can find alternatives. Keep in mind: Humans are the most common race. If there's one skill of one race you want really badly, take into consideration to play a Half-Human.

Skin Colour: Look at your race description.
Eye Colour: Look at your race description.
Hair: Look at your race description.
Appearance Details: Optional. These include scars, tattoos, piercings, etc.

Normal clothes: What your character wears when he's in town and just going about his business.
Armour: Self-explanatory. Only used when we're on missions.

Notable relationships: Parents, siblings, lovers, etc.

Starting weapon: Only if you have a weapon skill unlocked! You can only carry one at the start and might acquire others in the course of the story.
Skills: This is important! Copy the skill list of your race. Besides Humans, every character gets three skill points to distribute between the skills. You can unlock three different skills or put all of them into one. The amount of skill points dictates what attacks you can use. This is flexible. When in doubt: YOU'RE WEAKER THAN YOU THINK. Game Master posts can always make your attack effective, so don't be the freakin' archmage of the entire universe right at the start. Don't worry, you will improve your skills over time!
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Character Creation Sheet and Rules
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