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 [Game Master Character] Ikinya, female Naia

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[Game Master Character] Ikinya, female Naia Empty
PostSubject: [Game Master Character] Ikinya, female Naia   [Game Master Character] Ikinya, female Naia Icon_minitimeTue Aug 21, 2012 10:27 am

Name: Ikinya
Nickname(s): Iki
Gender: Female
Race: Naia

Skin Colour: A very very light blue.
Eye Colour: A light gold.
Hair: Iki naturally has white hair, but she has permanently coloured a streak of it in a dark blue. Her basic hairstyle is a mohawk with the remaining hair being fairly long, reaching up to her hips. She always wears it in a ponytail though.
Appearance Details: At the side of her head, where the hair is shaven due to the mohawk, Iki has tattooed intrictate dark blue patterns. They also cover parts of the face, particularly under the eyes and the neck.

Normal clothes: Like many of her race, Naia is not a fan of covering clothes. Her everyday clothes look a lot like [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] The suit is white and the ring is golden, even though it's fairly obvious that it isn't real gold. If you look closely, you can see similar patterns as on her head stitched onto the suit with gold-coloured yarn. Sometimes, when people feel uncomfortable around her clothing, Iki puts a white cloth around her hip that reaches down to her knees. When it's really necessary she will also put on a long white cape.
Armour: Iki's battle armour consists of a light white metal with golden frames and her established pattern on it. It includes a top that has no shoulder pieces but a seperate ruff protecting her neck. There is a weapon holding at the back. Her pants do not cover her inner thigh and only reach to her knees. Furthermore, Iki wears broad bracelets and shin armour that protects the ankles and most of the shin. Her feet are left bare.
Notable relationships: Iki's parents are still alive. They live in a village mostly populated by Naia on Seor Island's coast that is known for its trades with other nations. Iki doesn't have any siblings.

Starting weapon: A trident out of golden metal that perfectly fits into her armour's weapon holding.
Skills: (inactive skills are italian)
Water Magic (offensive) |
Water Magic (supportive/buffing)
Healing: |
Spear/Trident Combat |
Unarmed Combat
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[Game Master Character] Ikinya, female Naia
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