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 Re l, female Senthyma

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Re l, female Senthyma Empty
PostSubject: Re l, female Senthyma   Re l, female Senthyma Icon_minitimeWed Aug 22, 2012 1:48 am

Name: Reshantiquala
Nickname(s): Re l
Gender: Female
Race: Senthyma

Skin Colour: Light grey, in bright sunlight might look as dirty white
Eye Colour: Burnt Sienna
Hair: Hair are long enough to cover her breasts and the same color as her eyes. She usually combs them all to one side, preferably the right one. Naturally they are a little wavy so when combed, they might look like a mess.
Appearance Details: Re l's left hand from shoulder to her palm is covered in round, wavy drawings that are in dark brown, almost black color, making it look like they started from her shoulder.

Normal clothes: Usually Re l wears clothing scraps on her to make her feel light and able to move freely. Breasts are covered with a white piece of linen cloth that is tied at the back and has a distorted bottom. From the tied knot on her back goes two long, thin pieces of the same linen cloth that she usually wraps around her body making a cross pattern until her hips where those two straps of cloth are tied together with her bottom piece of cloth.
Armour:When it comes to battle, Re l feels uncomfortable. She wears silver head crown that goes under her hair, covering her ears and fitting her head form perfectly. She has silver epaulettes that have an engraved saying in an old senthyma's language and attached to her torso. Torso is the same material, tied on the sides with dark brown leather strings and she wears a dark brown leather skirt with silver on it (something like [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] *my painting skills are awesome, no judgment*)

Notable relationships: Her parents died from an illness and now she's left alone with her memories of the past and her gone family. No friends. Re l was the only child in her family or so she was told.

Starting weapon: Small knife.
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Re l, female Senthyma
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