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 Gizmo, Male Exi

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PostSubject: Gizmo, Male Exi   Gizmo, Male Exi Icon_minitimeThu Aug 23, 2012 3:25 am

Name: Gizmo Cogg
Nickname: Giz
Gender: Male
Race: Exi

Skin: Tanned (just a little less than your average Spanish person)
Eye colour: The two are subtly different and can be noticed from a meter or two away. One is a deep 'Ocean' blue while the other is a dark 'Forest' green.
Hair: Gizmo's hair is coloured Dark purple and is blown back off his forehead in individual, long spikes which are tipped with light green and light yellow.
Appearance details: Small, even for an Exi. He has two tattoos; one of a gear on his upper left arm and one of a bomb on his upper right arm. He has an earring forged from his parents' wedding rings. He wears it with pride. His stomach has burn marks that are scars left from an incident that happened many years ago.

Normal clothes: He has 3 accessories; a pair of goggles, a utility belt and of course his earring. He wears a black jacket with badges fashioned out of what shiny scrap metals he could find. Towards the end of the jacket and the sleeves there is a zig-zag pattern coloured red and yellow (like a comic explosion). His trousers match.
Armour: Dawning his usual main accessories his normal clothes are replaced with something like [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (replacing the giant bomb with his turret you should just about have it.) I picked it because it looks 'scrap metal-ish' and easy to repair. In theory it could get better with time.

Notable Relationships: He became an orphan very young. He had to make his own way in life growing up as he was thrown out of the orphanage due to him tinkering with explosives. He has a burning vengeance for a certain rogue warband. In his early teens he met an old woman in the forests of the Amea. She cared for him until she died. she taught him compassion.

Starting Weapon: A turret that he carries around on his back. It is fold-able and collapsible it can be taken off its stand for a portable version. Also he has his wrench. He never replaces it as it holds sentimental value (plus it's a damn good wrench).


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Gizmo, Male Exi
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