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 Pokémon RP Rules and FAQ

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PostSubject: Pokémon RP Rules and FAQ   Pokémon RP Rules and FAQ Icon_minitimeFri Aug 03, 2012 7:51 pm

Hello friends! These are gonna be extended when I remember more rules, so check regularly. Ask me questions when you need to know something, I'll write it down here.

I.1 Characters must follow the guidelines posted in the character forum.
I.2 Characters own a maximum of three Pokemon in the beginning. No evolved ones, no legendaries.
I.3 Before you can participate in the story, your character must be approved by a mod and discussed with other members.
I.4 Keep it realistic. You are gonna be a hero, your character design doesn't have to scream that. Things that scream "Mary Sue!" are, for example: Being engaged/married/related to an important person from the games, having super duper special eyes/hair (or both, for that matter), having nothing but shinies, etc.

II.1 Don't be too silly. Of course there are funny people, but even those guys wouldn't strip down to their underwear in an important boss fight and sing "Cara Mia Bella". No.
II.2 Don't ignore the game master's (mine) directions. You are free to interpret stuff, but please try to orient yourselves to your surroundings. Also, don't run ahead! I'm your babysitter, in a way, and if you stray too far you ruin the planning I put into the next scenes. Be patient, take it slow.
II.3 NO POWER-RP AMONGST YOURSELVES! This is really important. When fighting, you don't write "X burned him with Ember and he fainted". You write "X used Ember, trying to faint his opponent." It's a mutual fight. Keep in mind that everyone loses sometimes or we're gonna have fights that last forever.


Q: How are we gonna get new Pokemon?
A: There are two basic ways. You can catch a Pokemon that lives on a Route we are on (ingame). If you want an Unown while we are in the Alph Ruins, go for it! There also will be special occasions where you get to choose a new team member. Also, if you have an idea on how to introduce a Pokemon of yours, write me a PN!

Q: Will there be an evil team we fight against?
A: Yes.

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Pokémon RP Rules and FAQ
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