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 Aethor, Male Amaea

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PostSubject: Aethor, Male Amaea   Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:51 am

Name: Aethor Rainveil
Gender: Male
Race: Amaea

Skin Colour: Slightly pale
Eye Colour: Dark Green
Hair: Spiky quite untidy dark blonde hair

Normal clothes: He wears a green linen shirt which is often loosely unbuttoned at the chest. He also wears dark brown pants with matching shoes. Furthermore he wears a brown belt .
Armour: He uses a tight black shirt that covers his pale skin and are enforced with leather on the chest, the chest has also carvings of a big tree. He uses a dark green scarf for his neck. His pants are grey, almost black and loose as he should be able to run as fast as he can in them.

Notable relationships: He has had many girls in different towns and some still think he's devoted to them. He is the only child in his family and the parents still live in Varria's forests in a small hut near Ameo'venu.

Starting weapon: A wooden longbow, it has beautiful curly carvings of trees and flowers throughout and is painted dark green.

Nature Forming

Animal Companionship |
Ranged Weapons ||
Speed (Sprinting)
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Aethor, Male Amaea
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